Privacy Policy

In lieu of legalease, which I don't speak, here is a quick rundown of what Tracman does with your data (such as location).

Location history

Your location is saved on the database as long as you have it "set" or "tracking". If you "clear" the data, it will be deleted from the database too. This doesn't mean all copies are destroyed. Our servers keep occasional backups, and caches could exist on other servers (google index, wayback archive, etc).

This means that all public access to your location is essentially deleted when you clear it. But anyone could record your location while it's publicly available and rebroadcast it. Tracman doesn't store location histories (except as mentioned above), but histories may exist elsewhere! If you have (or plan to have) trouble with the law, don't use Tracman. Authorities have easy access to those histories.

Email addresses

Tracman stores email addresses so we can contact users for important stuff (urgent security updates, deletion requests, lost passwords). We will never subscribe you to anything else by default.