Tracman has shut down

Hi everyone!

I shut down Tracman around 2018 when Google raised the price on their maps API. It's a bit of a sad story as Tracman had just secured its first enterprise client... however, doing the math, it was clear that with the new API costs, it could never have been profitable. I shut down instead of roping more customers into a dying enterprise. Plans to migrate over to OpenStreetMap never materialized, and I moved on to other endeavors.

Currently I'm running a small IT business out of southern Colorado. If you need vehicle tracking or any other kind of technical consulting, you can email us at or call 719-936-7778.

As for this domain,, you can buy it for $100 USD if you want it. Just send an email to the address above and we can work something out.

Keith Irwin
Sept. 2022